I help organizations to successfully shape cultural change – entrepreneurs and executives to less stress, more balance and better relationships: Are you interested in improving your ability to reflect? Do you want to develop new perspectives and make decisions more easily? As a company, would you like to help your employees to reduce stress or emotional stress of any kind? Are you and your team interested in acting and communicating more effectively? Do you want to improve your leadership skills, change your relationship behavior in a positive way? Would you like to improve your skills, achieve goals and resolve conflicts differently? Are better processes and more effective competence at every point of contact that your company has with the outside world important to you in order to ultimately help your organization to generate more revenue?

  • Then I would be happy to hold lectures and / or practice-oriented seminars for you on training emotional intelligence with a wide variety of focuses as a trainer or
  • I am available to you as your personal coach (= companion) – depending on the assignment.
  • As a “change agent” I accompany you and your employees along the path of a jointly developed “change architecture”, taking into account the needs of all stakeholders involved.
  • As a “seminar architect”, I develop tailor-made events for you – always in close coordination with you / with your team and following the latest findings from the field of cognitive neuroscience; True to the motto “Self-coaching for companies – reduce your annual costs for coaching many times over …”
  • In cooperation with the team at Brain & Performance GmbH, I also offer the “Limbic® Personality Check”, People Tuning® Competence Dialog (one-on-one) and People Tuning® workshops with different focuses on request. People Tuning® is a worldwide unique concept that was developed by Brain & Performance.

I have a degree in business administration with a particular weakness for training emotional intelligence and coaching. I have had applied practical experience in this field since 1992. As a trainer and coach, I started my own business in 2004 and concentrated entirely on the areas of “social intelligence” and “work-life balance”. I live these issues in a special way. With my lectures, seminars and coaching offers, I can generate a high level of customer satisfaction in a unique way. I would be happy to make my contribution to mutual success for you too.


My previous experience in numbers, data, facts (“ZDF”): face-to-face individual coaching (> 216 hours of experience including approx. 40 hours of couple coaching), telephone coaching (> 240 hours of experience with more than 110 participants), two or more days Seminars on training emotional intelligence and emotional leadership with different focuses (> 1,600 hours of experience /> 580 participants / number of participants 10 to 60), various lecture experiences (number of participants up to 150), self-coaching (> 1,150 hours of experience).

Paradigm shifts inspire me. I like to learn new tools every day. You can find more information here -> “About me”.

If you are interested in my services yourself, for your company or as an institutional seminar provider, please contact me specifically:

  • Solution-oriented short-term coaching
  • Analysis tools sharpen your view: Limbic® Personality Check
  • People Tuning® Competence Dialogue and Workshops
  • Face-to-face individual coaching
  • Telephone coaching
  • Executive coaching for top executives
  • People Tuning®
  • Lectures and / or multi-day “seminars on training emotional intelligence” with a wide variety of focuses
  • Special combination offer for athletes: solution-oriented business coaching and running training at the same time (1: 1)

If you are looking for help at lightning speed, a very good solution-oriented short-term coaching by phone is available to you at any time via me ad hoc; please contact me by email or phone to arrange an appointment as soon as possible.


My offer is so important because, even many years after Daniel Goleman’s bestseller, it still does not seem to have become a matter of course to implement the findings from the field of emotional intelligence and in cooperation and harmony with the existing environment

To achieve goals. Unfortunately, many managers still sometimes find the way with their heads through the wall to be downright “cool” or unconsciously walk it. Unfortunately, it is then all too often not noticed which shards, debris and how many people are left behind and injured in the rearview mirror. This is at the expense of the performance and development of an organization – the emotional employee loyalty suffers as well as the motivation, health of employees, sustainability – ultimately the relationship and thus quality of life of the executives concerned themselves in every respect. It is really long time to let a completely new management culture find its way into companies. Ideally, this happens through the personal development of the people who make up the company. People’s personality is always reflected in day-to-day management, sales and operations – beneficial or less constructive. Freely adapted from Rudolph Mann, author of “The holistic company”, however, when properly promoted, the uniqueness of employees gives your company its uniqueness. I refine your executives for you and convey to them in my very personal way how you can permanently grind your own “rough diamonds” on your own. (Self-coaching) The basic assumption is that change cannot be prevented. (Paradigm shift) Emotional competence grows, mindfulness, integrity, conscientiousness, sustainability, personal substance, genuineness, authenticity, congruence – and much more beneficial to be reflected directly in your company as a positive new force.


In coaching you will be accompanied by me until you reach your goal – ideally. Or you can let me guide you to the point where you have developed the feeling of being able to go on independently. The special “setting” provides for different attendance appointments in time intervals and transfer tasks, if necessary email and telephone contact in between.

  • Coaching definition
  • Coaching works, and considerably …
  • Coaching – demarcation and differentiation

After all my years of coaching, workshop and lecture experience, individual coaching has emerged as the heart of my services.

It is very strong. We tailor the procedure to you personally so that sustainability succeeds. Those who get involved in this special approach experience, in addition to finding individual solutions, very nice contact with themselves, self-development and self-empowerment. The inner competence of executives grows and as a result it is very nicely reflected not only in everyday management.


The Hessian Teacher Academy according to § 65 Hessian Teacher Education Act under the offer numbers LA-Nr. 01168601, LA no. 0178911301 and LA no. 0178912301 accredited. For example, the school management of a grammar school has recognized that the structuring of the relationship level between the various groups of people within a school community is becoming increasingly important – both on the communicative level and on the evaluation level. To counter this, it has proven to be worthwhile to offer my lecture on the subject of “Emotional Intelligence” as part of an educational day and in-depth workshops, including on the subject of “Emotionally intelligent leadership”. Specific / in-depth individual coaching can also be useful here.


We are more than happy to discuss your concerns in an initial free telephone call after making an appointment. If you are interested in personal coaching, we will find out in this conversation whether the chemistry is right between us and, if so, talk about which documents I need from you in advance and find an initial appointment.

Please use the opportunity to find out more on my website in advance and contact me if you like my offer. Please pay attention to your “inner guidance”.

Why should you hire any coach when you can have a “man of the new age” ?!

I look forward to meeting you.

Best regards,

Peter Mertingk


Emotional Intelligence Training And Leadership Coaching
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